It can be really helpful to hear other people’s reviews of a product, especially when its something you’re considering buying or trying out for yourself.  Well, today, we have just that for you: 2 VIDEO reviews of Belight Tea.

The first is from Natasha of Snooty Tea Blog, who is truly an expert on tea.  This girl taste tests tea every single day, plus she advises tea companies, writes about tea, and works in a tea shop, so if you want an opinion to trust, hers would be a good one. Plus, she has a fun, almost goofy way of making videos, so you’ll definitely be smiling by the end.

From Snooty Tea Blogger Natasha:

The second review videos talks more about the benefits of Belight Tea, looking at it from a more health-conscious perspective.  She tells you why she drinks Belight and how it’s helped her.  Check out what she has to say about Belight Tea.

From Andrea C: