Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition that is characterized by white patches on the skin, due to loss of pigmentation. This autoimmune disorder is frequently associated with inflammation and thyroid problems, as well.

Conventional (western) medicine does not offer much by way of successful cures or even treatment for vitiligo. Even the National Institute of Health states that “vitiligo is very difficult to treat.” The only options are on the skin level, usually cremes (such as corticosteroids), phototherapy (in the early stages), topical medicines, or skin grafting.

But for those willing to consider non-conventional options, those often termed ‘holistic’ ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary,’ there is hope.


Acupuncture can be surprising effective at treating vitiligo and leukoderma.  But first, understanding vitiligo from a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) perspective: Vitiligo is a blood-Qi deficiency syndrome. It is caused by the influence of wind evils, leading to a disharmony between Qi and blood causing inadequate nourishment of the skin. The patchiness is associated with a lack of pigmentation and is usually free of pain and itchiness.

Point selection should be according to the syndrome differentiation, therefore points to nourish Qi and blood are chosen. For example, choose BL47 (shown on the image as T9) to spread liver Qi or BL19 (shown as T10) to strengthen and regulate gallbladder Qi. 

Successful treatment by acupuncture may require many months with maintenance needling sessions ongoing for years. Number of sessions and frequency depend on how responsive the body is, include Qi and blood, and how well the internal improvements stablize.

Nutritional Supplementation

Another option in the treatment of vitiligo, also addressing the body from the inside is nutritional supplementation, namely regulation of the immune system with an immuno-modulator, addressing the thyroid issue via the pituitary, and reducing inflammation.

Typically in an autoimmune condition, such as vitiligo, the immune system is attacking healthy cells and causing the body to go haywire. In this case, an immune system modulation product can be a good choice to down-regulate the overactive parts of the immune system without compromising integrity and ability to fight off diseases. The best product is Immune.

Given the thyroid complications involved with vitiligo, a supplement that addresses the endocrine system is important. The thyroid takes directions from the pituitary which, along with the hypothalamus, sits at the top of the endocrine system. By supporting the pituitary, the thyroid can be properly regulated. The product I recommend to support pituitary function is Otropin.

And finally, to deal with the internal inflammation that is often implicated in the worsening of vitiligo, a change in diet or increasing key anti-inflammatory enzymes will help. An anti-inflammatory diet is typically rich in green vegetables. The primary anti-inflammatory enzymes are Bromelain and Serrapeptidase, both of which are contained in Eaze.


Do you know anyone with Vitiligo? If so, please share this post with them. If you yourself have vitiligo, what has been your approach to treatment?