Could a single drink boost confidence and make anyone feel like a natural extrovert? Read on to find out.

Normally I’m against hyped-up headlines and overselling, but this in this case, there’s no hype and no overselling.

When I drink this, I feel more confident, more chatty, and more outgoing.

My default when I’m in a large group of people I don’t really know is to keep quiet and stay to the outskirts of the group. But when I drink this, I initiate conversations with people I’m not close with, I feel more confident in myself and what I’m saying, and a surprisingly extroverted me emerges.

The first time I drank this, I thought it was just a fluke or coincidence or something about the group dynamic. But then it happened again. And again. I was striking up conversations, trying to build rapport, and putting myself out there more than ever before. And feeling good about it and confident in every situation.

What is this drink you may ask?

Matcha for confidenceMatcha — our own BeEnergized Matcha.

Some may argue this is just the caffeine buzz, and they may be right. But for someone like me who has never drank coffee, this experience with matcha was remarkable. What a feeling it is to have so much confidence, energy, and even an inclination to talk to people when normally I can’t be bothered with small talk. Woohoo!

Of course, this feeling isn’t permanent–lasting only a few hours or a day at most. But it’s so easy to get it back, just drink another stick of our BeEnergized Matcha.

This confident, extroverted feeling doesn’t come from other teas, in my experience. Sure other teas may increase energy and alertness, but no other teas, and not many other matchas, instantly boost confidence.

I can see this being useful for a networking event or conference, where it’s all about putting yourself out there, meeting other people, and building connections. Mix 1 stick of BeEnergized Matcha in water (hot or cold works) and drink about 5 minutes before the event, then wow! Instead of slinking on the side, now you’re introducing yourself to new people and establishing rapport.

What a cool thing!

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Have you ever had a similar experience with matcha? Or do you do something else to boost your confidence on special occasions?