VDay BelightNever have I heard of so many restaurants being book so far in advance for Valentine’s Day! A restaurateur acquaintance said they have more people booked for this coming Saturday night than they’ve ever had in a single evening.

And, I can’t walk into any store without seeing pink and red heart-shaped chocolates.

It’s as if the entire holiday of Valentine’s Day is trying to knock every last person with a health or weight loss New Year’s Resolution off track.

I just don’t get it.

To me, it’s saying ‘I couldn’t be bothered to understand you, so I’ll just sabotage your health goals with chocolate or candy, instead.’ Or it says, ‘I don’t actually love you that much, so here is something that will make you age faster, get fatter, and die sooner.’

How is that the gift of love?!

Giving a health and fitness gift says, ‘I want you to be the best, healthiest person you can be because I love you and want to keep you around for a long time.’ Now isn’t that a much nicer message?

In light of that, let’s revisit our gift list. Here are a few healthy gift ideas for your Valentine or even just close friends and family that you want to have in your life for a long time.


  • FitMob – FitMob is a monthly service that allows members access to gyms and classes at different fitness studios across their city. Whether it’s yoga, pilates, spin, CrossFit, MMA, or just a DIY workout, all are included in the monthly rate. How fun is that?! Trying a new class and new studio for every workout?! You’d never get bored! And that’s one of the keys to staying engaged with exercising. (Currently only available in select cities.)


  • FlowersFlowers – Flowers bring beauty and joy into any life. Putting a fresh vase of flowers next to a meal, brightens it and makes it feel special. With such care, the meal doesn’t need to be rushed through, but can be savored, lingered over, and eaten with full mindfulness of the tastes, smells, and textures. When you fully enjoy the pleasure of a meal, often you are satisfied with less.


  • Massage – They say touch is one of the most healing forces; in fact, many insurance companies are starting to cover massage for certain conditions. Especially if your Valentine isn’t so lucky, get them a massage gift certificate. You’ll help them relax, reduce their stress levels, and decrease cortisol, a must for a long and healthy life. (Groupon often has some good ones available.)


  • Fitbit – Who doesn’t like to know their stats, to track themselves, and beat their best step day or show up their sister? With a Fitbit and other wearable fitness technologies, your Valentine will be be able to monitor their daily movement for better results. You can even start a friendly competition.


  • TangoTango class – What says love, passion, and romance more than the ultimate dance of seduction? Sign you and your partner up for a tango class and you might just find that the passion heats up after class, too. But even if not, at least you learned something new and burned a few calories while at it.  And better yet if you do it in Argentina.


  • Belight Tea – When you want to support your loved one on their journey to a healthier weight and you want to make easier for them, Belight Tea is your best choice. You’ll enable your Valentine to crave sugar less, to skip a needless snack, and to feel satisfied, not deprived. Now, you’re the understanding, supportive one in their life.


Let us know in the comments below, how will you celebrate the health and longevity of your loved one? What gift do you recommend that reinforces that positive, loving message?