This is the second in a 2-part series on the evils of drinking cold soda, namely ice cold Coca-Cola. Read the first article.

In previous article, I talked about the traditional Chinese medicine view on the harm cold soda can cause to the body and how drinking it can lead to diabetes.  This post looks at the same topic from Western medical perspective: the evils of soda and other sweetened drinks.

A doctor from the University of California-San Francisco, one of the top medical schools in the country, gives a 90-minute presentation explaining how sweeteners and additives in cola, namely high fructose corn syrup, cause very serious problems.  He also explains the bio-chemical processes that happen in our body leading to diseases like diabetes, obesity, and in general, metabolic syndrome.

Watch this absolutely essential 90-minute video to better understand the damage fake sugars can cause. Warning: after watching it, you may never want to drink soda again. (Youtube video, blocked in China)

While I personally can’t say I understand the biochemistry and have no way to verify if that is what’s really happening in our body when we consume HFCS, it is certainly a compelling argument.

To contrast the two perspectives on cola, Chinese medicine places blame on the cold temperature, the excessive sugar dosage, and the chemical compounds impacting our spleen and stomach Qi, while the video seems to argue any type of sugar in any processed form hitting our liver is what is really doing us harm.

Same conclusion, different explanation. Whether you subscribe to the Western view or the Chinese medicine view, drinking soda is not good for anyone, especially children.