First a quick update: been in Varkala, Kerala, India 2days now and spent two-thirds of both yesterday and today looking for courses but so far nothing has turned up. I’m thinking to head to a different place if the prospects ASAP.

What is Panchakarma?

Prior to beginning my research of studying ayuveda in India, I’d never heard of panchakarma. But once I began researching ayurveda in the Indian state of Kerala, all the places mentioned Panchakarma. The only thing I knew about it was “purification.” Having attended many purifications in Bali, I figured it was similar: essentially a spiritual act. Wow I was wrong!

There are 5 purification methods in Panchakarma

  • Vomiting, including spitting to clear mucous
  • Nasal flush
  • Enema
  • Blood Letting
  • Defecation

As I learn more about these and ayurveda in general, I’ll write more and compare and contrast with Chinese medicine.

But I suspect the reason these aren’t that well known in the West, beyond that ayurveda isn’t too well-known is because most Westerners find them repulsive, unorthodox, unacceptable, and for the most part not something they’d be willing to try even in the name of health.

Am I wrong?