While some pundits assert that people are embracing alternative medicine (including TCM-as I posted here) and are willing to take responsibility for their own health, when reflecting on conversations I’ve had recently, I’m still skeptical.  Talking with people who have real health issues makes me wonder whether people are ready to manage their own health.

From the very serious (MS) or life infringing (persistent pain) to the just irritating (indigestion) some people would rather complain about their health problems than try ‘alternative’ or (an even scarier idea) ‘new age’ ways to cure themselves.  There are some very good, very effective, and most times extremely affordable ways to completely heal and live better.

Why do some people resist? Is is a victim mentality? Is it that they enjoy the attention of being sick? Or is being sick an excuse not to live their best life? Or are they so brainwashed into believing the M.D.s and pharmaceutical companies that anything not endorsed by these groups is too threatening to consider? Or is it fear? I’ve heard responses from ‘as long as the insurance company is paying’ for the drugs to maintain my quality of life, and ‘I can’t lose my disability money [by getting healthy]’, to its just not worth the money to see if I can overcome a lifetime of digestive discomfort.

This is something I just can’t understand.  If you don’t take responsibility for your own health, your own body, who will? Your doctor? She’s there to make money (how many years of medical school does she have to pay off?) and hopefully help a few people along the way.  But think about it, how can a doctor with dozens, maybe hundreds, of patients know your total health profile and offer the best solution for you everytime?

Our wellness, our life is completely in our own hands: the food we put in our mouth, the physical activity we engage in, the prescriptions we take, the surgeries we sign our consent for, the doctors we see, even the air we breathe (e.g. through air filters).

With the Internet, medicine and wellness has been ripped from the medical institutions, the doctors, the pharmaceutical companies and been placed in the hands of the population: YOU.  Go research anything and everything that relates to what you are feeling.  When you find a few things that might work, push deeper, ask others who’ve tried it what their results have been. Ask them if they’d recommend it.  You have options.

Here’s a story an American who practices TCM told me on what inspired her to become a TCM doctor. As a medical administrator she met a patient who was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer and told she’d only live a few more months. Upon hearing this news, the patient, who was also an M.D. started standard treatment for cancer including chemotherapy.  But she also immediately started following Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches to treating cancer.  She lived for four years.

Your health is yours and yours alone to improve, maintain, or destroy.

What kind of health do you want to have?  How much energy do you want?  How long do you want to live?