If you drink a lot of tea, you may end up with quite the collection of tea boxes and containers. And, I don’t know about you, but the catchphrase of the early environmental movement gets stuck on repeat in my┬ámind: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

Well, by the time the tea packaging has already arrived to you, reducing isn’t really an option.

Recycle is an obvious and easy choice: those (typically cardboard) boxes go straight into the blue bin to be recycled.

But what about the other option, reuse?

Here are a few ideas to reuse your tea boxes in order to cut down on how much you’re sending to the recycling plant, as well as reduce purchases of home organizers and other household accessories. Which saves money!

Reusing old tea boxesTea boxes can hold all the miscellaneous items that are floating around a desk or countertop, such as pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, rolls of tape, coins, paper clips, charging cords & other electronic accessories, small bottles of lotion, TicTac or Altoid containers, and much more. Rather than searching for these things everytime, or having them roll off the counter, or slip to the back of a drawer, keep your frequently used and smaller items easily accessible in a beautiful tea box.

Likewise, bathroom cabinets get organized and easier to manage when things are sorted into old tea boxes. Combs, brushes, and travel containers stand up well in tea boxes. Hair accessories are kept together in one place. Trial sizes and samples fit in the box. Other items that can be stored neatly in old tea boxes include razor blades, bandaids, pill bottles, and anything else that’s always floating around getting in the way.

This theme works in many places across your home, office, garage, or workbench, allowing you to save money on accessories for organizing, while reducing your waste.

Perhaps too obviously, tea containers can also be used to store new teas that don’t come in substantial packaging. Aluminum containers can help keep teas in open bags fresher. And old tea boxes help to keep an overflowing tea cabinet more manageable and all the teas close by and accessible.

Somehow organizing and decluttering is just so freeing. It feels really good and uplifts the mood and energy around the home.

Share in the comments below–what creative uses do you have for old packaging?