One of my favorite topics: yoga!  Today’s guest post shares some of the many mental and physical benefits of a daily lifelong yoga practice.  Why not get started with yoga lessons today?

yoga_benefitsIt is never too late to find the beauty of yoga and to feel the dramatic changes that can transform you into an enlivened physical, mental and spiritual being. Yoga, the Sanskrit word for “union”, is not a particular religion, but is an art of living. It is a traditional method of meditation practiced by the saints of ancient India and includes giving your body flexibility, strength and a peaceful mind, plus recharging with cosmic energy.

The human body is surrounded by a halo of conscious cosmic energy and proper yoga can raise the energy level and help to understand that we are nothing but cosmic energy which connects us to the complete cosmos at large.

Understanding the Essence of Yoga

The real yoga focuses on improving the life force or ‘Kundalini’ present at the base of the spine, and seeks to awaken this energy through a series of physical and mental exercises which includes yoga postures or ‘asanas’, breathing exercises or ‘pranayama,’ and meditation or ‘dhyana’. All this contributes to a healthy body and a peaceful, well-disciplined mind, which helps to surpass the self.

Through yoga we get a properly disciplined body which works according to our minds’ order, thus attaining freedom from all desires, and increasing feelings of rejuvenating. Yoga offers self-healing power that can get rid of negative blocks in the mind and clear toxins from the body, thus helping you to concentrate better on your work.

For example, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity are common among children, which can be controlled by breathing exercises and yoga asanas.  Stress and tension can be reduced largely by giving proper attention to breath through regular yoga, by activating the parasympathetic nervous system in the body.

A strong back with a flexible spine are other important benefits of yoga. Also, each exercise should be practiced carefully, by coordinating body movements with breath, with full awareness and concentration, thereby keeping away insomnia, fatigue and autoimmune diseases.

Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga can improve your health from head to toe with wide range of benefits. Some of the health benefits are listed below:

Strengthen Bones, Joints And Muscles


The whole body moves while performing different asanas, making muscles stronger to better hold the body. Yoga asanas can lengthen muscles, strengthen feet, legs, hands, abdominal muscles and shoulders, offering relief from back pain and neck pain. Breathing exercises, along with stretching can give flexibility, thus improving the condition of those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Certain athletic forms of yoga like ashtanga yoga, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, and Bikram yoga improves endurance, since the body is in constant motion, keeping the cardiovascular muscles and heart healthy. Yoga can heal injuries and helps to gain bone density, an added advantage for women at the menopause stage.

Healthy Cardiovascular System

Hypertension is common, largely due to busy, stressed lifestyles. Some yoga poses like Hatha yoga, can lower blood pressure and heart rate by allowing blood to flow smoothly through blood vessels. Through power yoga, more oxygenated blood flows through the body, giving protection to the heart muscles.

Good Mental strength

Mental strength is as important as healthy physique. Yoga plays a role in psychological therapy by reducing stress and anxiety issues, and encouraging positive mood and concentration. Since yoga is a type of meditation, a wide variety of mental disorders in children and adults can be treated effectively, as it offers mental peace for a healthy mind.

Make Yoga Your Life Companion

Proper practicing of yoga improves the blood flow to brain, which discourages headaches and migraines, and hence can build up a stronger immune system.

Obesity is the major problem these days, especially in youngsters who are accustomed to the sedentary lifestyles. Including yoga in a daily routine can cut off excess weight, maintaining healthy physique and burn off unwanted calories and fat.

Regular yoga can surely bring out plenty of noticeable changes in our body. Eventually it would help us to instill the truth that the struggle between our essence and ego is the real competition in the world. By doing yoga, not only will you gain a healthy body, but you’ll be the face of smooth, glowing skin. Say goodbye to sedentary living, and keep yoga as your life companion to stay healthy throughout.

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