Whether you’re significantly overweight or looking to drop the last 10-15 lbs, there’s no better time to start than early January.Jan1

Motivation is high. Parties and holiday eating are behind us (until at least Valentine’s Day). Seasonal stress has calmed down.

Plus, the New Year is a time for reflection, goal-setting, and embarking on new paths. And, there are many great ways to exercise at home when you don’t want to go out in the cold.

When you think about losing weight, you may think it’s all about willpower and how well you can stick to your diet or stay consistent with your exercise routine. And while consistency with good nutrition and fitness are fundamental, there are other important factors that will help you get on track and stay on track. These include managing emotions and stress, getting your body and your hormones working for you instead of against you, and optimizing for activities and choices that support weight loss.

When you have the right tools, all of those fall into place effortlessly to help you lose weight. They work by getting your entire self–body, mind, emotions, and subconscious thoughts, all working toward the same weight loss goal. So you can slip into that dress and wear it with confidence by Valentine’s Day.

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How do I know these work?

I’ve used them all. And it wasn’t until I incorporated them all into my routine, that I stopped feeling stuck, got off the plateau, and found the excess pounds coming off effortlessly.

You want that too, right? The ball rolling in the right direction, that just keeps picking up momentum?

Exactly–that’s what I thought! So download the 5 Tools to Slim Down, and start living in the body you’ve always wanted.

You’ll be wishing you’d received these 5 tools for Christmas. They’re that good.

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5 Essential Weight Loss Tools