looseleaftrans“What’s in Belight Tea?” and the follow up “Will it make me go to the bathroom more?” are two questions that I get asked when people are looking at Belight Tea as a weight loss or detox tea.

What’s In Belight Tea?

To start, Belight Tea contains: Pu-erh Tea, Hemp Seeds, Cassia Seeds, Gynostemma, Lotus Leaf, and Chinese Hawthorn Fruit.

These ingredients were chosen because of how they work together synergistically, to minimize the afternoon slump, curb cravings, reduce hunger, ease digestion, reduce stress (and stressed-driven eating),  and support weight control.

Let’s try to understand more about the ingredients individually before we answer the second question.

Pu-erh Tea

Grown in the Yunnan highlands of southwest China, Pu-erh is a double-fermented black tea made from the Camellia sinensis plant. The Chinese have used it to control their weight for hundred of years.

It is recommended to drink Pu-erh after eating a fatty or oily meal, as it keeps your body from absorbing those fats and oilsǂ. It also breaks down existing fat in your body. Recent research (primarily in published in Chinese) suggests that drinking Pu-erh tea each day can counteract the effects of fats and oils in foodǂ, while supporting weight control, a smaller waist, and lower BMI levelsǂ.

Hemp Seeds

You may know hemp seeds from the health food store, where they’re sold as a nutty omega-rich salad topper or in protein powder.  Hemp seeds contain gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is a direct building block of good anti-inflammatory hormones. GLA also supports a healthy metabolism and helps facilitate fat burning.

Another reason you find hemp seeds in health food stores is because they reduce appetite and cravings for sugar, starch, and fatǂ. The omegas help your stomach communicate to your brain, that is is satisfied and full. That way you don’t feel the need to fill up on sugary or salty junk food or snack between meals, and thus you consume fewer calories to help you actually start losing weight!

Hemp seeds also support good energy levels, prevent constipation, and encourage shiny, healthy-looking hair.  (See video.)

Cassia Seeds

Through thousands of years of Chinese Medicine, cassia seeds have been used to relieve constipation by drawing moisture to the intestines, and easing defecation. Preventing constipation is a key to healthy digestion, less bloating, disposing of toxins, and feeling great in your body.


look_good_swimsuitGynostemma, also know as Jiao Gu Lan, is an adaptogen. Adaptogens are special classifications of herbs that help the body better resist and cope with stress, find hormonal and energetic balance, and strengthen the body. Reducing the effects of stress means less carb cravings, less stress-induced eating, and less belly fat.

Gynostemma is known in Chinese as “miracle grass” or “longevity tea” for it’s ability to extend health and lifespan, reduce the effects of aging, and increase energy by aiding the conversion of carbohydrates into usable energy.

In addition, gynostemma also brings a natural hint of sweetness to Belight Tea, thus curbing sweet cravings. It can also help relieve constipation. (See video.)

Lotus Leaf

Lotus leaf is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to reduce “dampness”, including excess fat (a form of “dampness”) retained in fat cells. In fact, research conducted in China and India indicate this plant may have outstanding weight loss attributes.

Furthermore, because of its bitter qualities, it causes the stomach to secrete more stomach acid, which can aid in food digestion, while the increased bile production helps break down fats more quickly. (See video.)

Chinese Hawthorn Fruit

Chinese hawthorn fruit is typically consumed along with rich, fatty meals to prevent the fat from building up and stagnating in your intestines. Likewise, it prevents indigestion, as it encourages proper metabolism and breakdown of fat.

Hawthorn fruit is even good for your heart! Research has shown that Hawthorn fruit works along with Gynostemma to lower “bad” cholesterol, keeping fat from accumulating in your liver and the large arteries near your heartǂ.

Plus the herbal sweetness in hawthorn will help to curb a sweet tooth. (See video.)

Will drinking Belight Tea make me go to the bathroom more?

Despite the many herbs in Belight that help to relieve constipation, 99% of people will experience no adverse effects with regards to bathroom habits or bowel movements. Those that suffer from constipation may find mild relief when drinking large quantities of Belight Tea. But the average tea drinker, consuming 1-3 cups per day, won’t notice any change in bathroom habits.


Belight Tea can help you to change your habits, to break patterns surrounding needless snacking, eating between meals and when not hungry, reducing consumption of sugary and calorie-rich foods, and support you in your action plan to shed fat and find and maintain a healthy weight for you.

Belight Tea supports you on many levels, helping you achieve your goals, but you still need to do the work. Drinking tea, especially Belight tea, is a strong commitment to your health and living in your ideal body.

Start today with a box of Belight!



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