Herbs offer us so much medicinal and wellness value, from stopping bleeding to encouraging normal blood flow, from increasing energy to reducing stress, and on and on.  They can seem very complex and it would take a lifetime of study to grasp the usefulness of every medicinal plant or herbal preparation available.

Because of the depth and breath of knowledge that exists around herbs, the following is a very simplified explanation of why I love the herbs in Belight Tea.

The herbs in Belight Tea have been examined and categorized according to both Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as western herbalism. They have undergone scientific studies of both the in-vitro and in-vivo sort.


looseleaftransThis research gives us a good basis to understand them, recognize their limits and potential dangers, and postulate how they work synergistically. With this, we know there is a lot of overlap among the herbs in terms of their function and how they work together.

This is the first reason I love the herbs in Belight: for their synergy and combined effectiveness.

The next reason I love the herbs in Belight is for their functions.


Hemp seeds, cassia seeds, lotus leaf, and hawthorn fruit all work to improve or ease digestion.  Lotus leaf specifically, works to increase production of enzymes, bile, and HCL (stomach) acid, which can ease flatulence. Hawthorn, likewise, relieves gas and indigestion by helping with the breakdown of dietary protein and fat.


As part of good digestion, a regular daily bowel movement is key. The following herbs can help relieve constipation or ease defecation: hemp, cassia, gynostemma, hawthorn. Cassia seeds help restore moisture to the large intestine to prevent hard, dry stool. Hawthorn promotes peristalsis (the wave like motion of the colon) and the removal of stagnant/stuck fecal matter.

Weight Loss

GynostemmaGynostemma, lotus leaf, and hawthorn have all been recognized for their properties which can promote weight loss. Research into gynostemma noted its fat loss properties, which work through the work same pathways as resistance/strength training exercise, thus reducing abdominal fat. (Article). Lotus leaf clears water retention and ‘reduces dampness,’ a fundamental cause of weight gain as understood in Chinese medicine.

Inhibit absorption

Cassia seed and lotus leaf also contribute to weight loss via their ability to interfere with absorption of carbohydrates and lipids, thus reducing the amount of calories that can potentially be extracted from food.

Other Weight Control Mechanisms

These herbs also aid weight control via other mechanisms; for example, hemp seeds seem to reduce appetite. Lotus leaf is believed to raise metabolism, increase stored fat utilization for energy, restrict conversion of dietary fat to stored fat, and suppress weight gain. Hawthorn helps with metabolism of protein and fat.

Increased Energy

Hemp seeds, because of their blend of amino acids and fatty acids which nourish the body, increase energy. Gynostemma, being an adaptogenic herb, improves energy and endurance as it helps you to find balance; it also increases longevity.

Reduced stress

With gynostemma’s adaptogenic properties, it helps you better cope with stress, and thus suffering fewer negative effects. Likewise, lotus leaf is thought to reduce stress and anxiety.

Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Hemp seeds, cassia seeds, gynostemma, hawthorn fruit have all been noted for their ability to help balance cholesterol levels. Cassia is though to reduce both cholesterol and triglycerides, while balancing blood pressure.

Balanced Glucose

Research into gynostemma suggests that it can help regulate blood glucose, and that hemp seeds, too, balance blood sugar.  Blood sugar management may subsequently improve aid weight control.

As you can see, these herbs have numerous functions and potential benefits to wellness. That is why I love them in Belight! They also have many overlapping areas of influence, which makes them yet more influential.Belight love


The herbs also lend their own flavor to the tea, whether that’s the hint of sweetness from gynostemma and hawthorn or the nutty flavor from the seeds; they provide a balance and well-roundedness in the Belight Tea blend.

This is why I love Belight’s herbs!