Today’s article is a guest post with some solid fundamentals to help you get the most out of your fitness routine. 

If you have become bored of a fitness program after diligently following it for a long period of time – you’re not alone. That’s a completely normal event for everyone who does the same types of exercises daily! Sometimes, the workouts you used to enjoy have become ineffective at producing results or simply aren’t fun anymore. However, that doesn’t mean exercising can never benefit you again – you just need to re-approach your fitness program by using new techniques that help you work smarter–not harder–in order to once again spark that love of exercise and get the most out of your efforts.

Fuel up before, during, and after a workout

A proper and nutritious diet is just as important as the exercise. Therefore, it’s imperative to fuel up and replenish before, during, and after workouts. Doing so helps regulate blood sugar, optimize physical performance, regain energy, and build lean muscle! Without proper nutrition, the physical exertion from exercise will make you fatigued.

Establish specific goals to accomplish

You never want to start a workout without having a clear goal in mind first. Otherwise, you may end up putting in a half-hearted effort which wastes time and contributes nothing to your physical improvement. When creating a goal, make it realistic and dedicate your whole workout to achieving it. Doing so makes it a stepping stone that will ultimately lead you to succeeding in your long-term goals.

Practice correct form and proper breathing

Practicing correct form engages the correct muscles during an exercise and prevents injury. You will notice that with proper form, an exercise will feel more invigorating! Using incorrect form for long periods of time can result in chronic or permanent joint pain and nerve damage. In regards to breathing, proper breathing techniques for a designated exercise allows for the constant flow of oxygen in the blood that helps muscles work and regulates heart rate. Subsequently, if you don’t breathe correctly as well, you put yourself at risk for fainting and nausea.

Utilize free weights

Is cardio your go-to? Don’t be shy at the thought of picking up some free weights and utilizing them in your workout routine. Weight training is a perfect complement to cardio! It burns more calories than cardio and actually improves your overall exercise performance. Furthermore, weight training corrects muscle imbalances, which simultaneously cultivates core strength.

Implement compound exercises in weight training

Compound exercises activate multiple muscle groups at once which promotes equal growth throughout every targeted area and reinforces intramuscular coordination. Furthermore, compound movements show obvious body composition changes almost immediately. If you wanted to take compound exercising to an entirely different level, use them in conjunction with a circuit workout. This is a workout where you start with a warm-up, follow a program of specific exercises with very little rest time in-between, and end with a cool down period. It makes the most out of a short amount of time while training your body to the fullest.

Connect the mind to the muscle

Exercising is more than just physical activity – psychological and mental aspects play a significant role in it too! Therefore, it’s important to always connect the mind to the muscle, which is consciously focusing on the muscles that are being activated by an exercise. This conscious engagement sustains your awareness over a muscle’s range of motion which results in better isolation training.

Remember, whenever you feel a workout isn’t challenging or helping you accomplish your goals – maybe this is a sign that indicates it’s time to change things up! Working hard is fantastic, but it genuinely has no impact if you use incorrect movements or techniques. Therefore, it’s best to take exercising from the approach of working smart and not hard! Before you know it, you will feel the buzz from exercise again and wake up every day ready to hit the gym.

BioJoshua is an ex-addict and founder of the Ohio Addiction Recovery Center. Since his recovery began, he has enjoyed using his talent for words to help spread treatment resources, addiction awareness, and general health knowledge.