You’ve read all the sensationalist headlines–most recently, that tea kills oral cancer cells, but also that tea helps you lose weight, that tea protects against prostrate cancer, and more

It’s all sounds wonderful, yet you still don’t drink tea.Why Not Drink Tea

  • Maybe the tea you’ve had has been too bitter?
    • Maybe you haven’t had it steeped it correctly. Check out this chart to make your cup perfect the first time, and every time.
  • You don’t believe exaggerated headlines.
    • You want scientifically-tested theories on the health benefits of tea. Check out this article I wrote on the 9 benefits of drinking tea, all backed up with research studies published in major journals.
  • It’s not convenient. It’s not a habit.
    • Many teas come in tea bags which makes them far more convenient than loose leaf. To help it become a habit, put a tea bag in your favorite mug the next time you’re in the kitchen, then first thing in the morning put the water on to boil. Or stick a couple of tea bags in your work bag, then you’ll definitely have them when you get there.  Take one baby step to drinking tea. Luckily, Belight Tea is individually-wrapped making it totally travel friendly.
  • But you prefer coffee.
  • You’re still not sure you like tea.
    •  In order to get into tea, some people need to try a variety of styles and flavors: oftentimes starting with the fruity, flowery, or flavored teas before going to single-origin loose-leaf.  That’s fine, try a bunch of different kinds–find 1 or 2 that work for you. Include Belight Tea in your sampling–it’s a great entry level tea because it’s very forgiving and has a mild flavor.
  • You’re not sold on the benefits. You’re not convinced it’s worth it.
  • But what about forgetting the tea bag in the cup and over-steeping it?
    • Until you build up the habit of drinking tea and timing how long it should steep for, find a more accommodating tea–one that won’t turn bitter, that tastes fine lukewarm and cold, and that is enjoyable all day.  Belight Tea still tastes great even when its left steeping in the cup all day, no bitterness or wasted cup of tea.
  • You’re afraid of the caffeine.
    • Tea has much less caffeine than coffee, and tea further moderates the caffeine effect by the presence of L-Theanine. The 1-2 combo means focus, concentration, quicker reaction time, and a sharper memory without jitters, coffee rush and crash, or the frenzied wired feel of coffee. There are decaffeinated teas, as well.

The big wide world of tea is waiting for you to explore. It’s very affordable start: $4 will get you a variety pack at the grocery store.  From there, you can try, experiment, and sample higher quality, more delicate teas. There is no better time than now.

Tell us in the comments below, what are your hesitation or reasons for having not yet gotten into tea.