ZaggoraYou may have seem them on Facebook, Pinterest, or being worn by the gal next to you at yoga and wondered,

What on earth is Zaggora?

That was exactly my thought after seeing it on FB.  So I started down the rabbit hole to discover whether Zaggora was just another yoga clothing company or if it was somehow ‘different’?  Different it definitely is; in fact, it doesn’t really bill itself as a yoga clothing company.

But perhaps what really made me pay attention, was the fact that Zaggora were tested the University of Southern California (USC), my alma mater. Pretty cool!

I had to have a pair.

What is Zaggora?

Zaggora is a brand of metabolic-enhancing clothing.  Sounds like BS, right?  Seems like everyone has the same reaction; that’s why they were getting tested at USC and in the UK.

Studies showed wearing Zaggora clothing during 30 minute workouts increases metabolic rate by up to 18% = more fat burn.  In fact, they call their patent-pending fabric “Celu-Lite Technology”.  More calories, fat, and cellulite, getting burned up during your workout.

And upon reading that, I got a pair.

The Good

  • Thick: they’re definitely thicker than regular yoga pants.  No fear of see-through pants in downward dog here. 
  • High waist: for me, with a long torso and large back side, I need pants that have a high waist. And these more than cover everything, and then some. No underwear peeping here.
  • Hot, Hot, Hot: Working out in these, even just walking, I’m sweating buckets. Even lite workouts, or during the warm up, sweat. If that’s the metabolic heat up factor right there, they work.
  • Sweat ever after: Even after I’ve finished my workout, if I haven’t had a chance to change out of them, I’m still sweating (as in dripping, pooling sweat).
  • Core body temp: Despite all the sweating, I never felt overheated or like my core body temperature rose too much.  Even living in 115*F Phoenix weather.
  • My skin is softer.

The Bad

  • Wetsuit? It really feels like wetsuit material and my least favorite garment to put on is a wetsuit. But I will say, recently I’m hating putting them on less than I did initially.
  • Totally not breathable at all (but I guess that’s the point, right?)
  • Not stretchy: For yoga pants, they’re just not stretchy enough. They don’t conform very well to the movements in yoga.
  • Weird look and feel, though it seems others don’t notice they look weird.
  • Too noisy! When I walk around in quiet places, these make an audible plasticky friction sound.

The Ugly

  • Acne: It seems easier to break out where I’ve been wearing the pants.
  • Friction burn: I walked to the grocery store and back in these one day–my “easy” workout–and I had a couple of friction burns in very awkward spots from the flesh, sweat, rubbing combination.  Not pretty. And rather painful. Haven’t had that problem with yoga, but then again there’s not much repetitive lower body movement in yoga. I suspect running may have the same result as walking, though.

Do they work?Zaggora 2 week challenge

Honestly, I personally can’t answer that. People on their website, pinterest, etc, seem to have excellent results.  But whether that’s going from sedentary to exercising for the first time ever, or due to the pants, I don’t know.

I have yet to do their 2 week challenge with inches measurement. I’m already pretty active, so it’d actually be a pretty good test.  But I’m not super excited to wear them 14 days in a row, including for my typical 60-90 minute workouts.

The Verdict?

I’m keeping mine!  I intend to to the 2 week challenge, but aside from that I probably won’t wear them more than 1-3 times/week.