I came across some interesting news (via Yunnan Herbal): The university I’ll be studying at in Hangzhou has partnered with Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The US students will study in Hangzhou and do an internship in China.  As a result, they will graduate with degrees from both schools.

I’ll have to admit, it seems like an odd pairing.  Since TCM is more widely recognized on the East and West coasts of the US, it is a bit strange to have a college in Texas reaching out to TCM universities in China.  I know many other TCM programs in the US offer internships or exchanges with universities in China.  And Chengdu in Sichuan province is a popular choice. But this is the most comprehensive program I’ve heard of–dual degree.

This is good news for me. While I’v never heard of TCTCM, I assume they’ve done their due diligence and for me that means someone else has already vetted Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University.  I am assured the classes will be in intelligible English, the program will be comprehensive and not fluff, there will be other foreigners attending the university, and all around it is a quality learning experience.

I’m very much looking forward to beginning my studies.  And now I’m also a bit curious if there will be any from Austin, Texas in my classes.