Supporting Women’s Health Worldwide

World Vitae is dedicated to supporting the health of women worldwide — both in our products and services specifically designed to enhance women’s health and in our giving back to women’s health organizations.

5% of our sales go directly to nonprofits — such as One Heart Worldwide and Hope Through Health — who are committed to bettering the health of women in developing countries.

A Story to Inspire a Little Gratitude

At the end of the last century in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, women had access to only the most remedial healthcare services. Women were not allowed to become doctors, yet social and religious norms required strict modesty between male doctors and female patients.

A pregnant Afghani woman was having complications with her pregnancy and kept searching for doctors to help her. But given that pregnancy was considered a ‘female issue’ and the only doctors were male, she was refused care. Her only solution was midwives and nurses, who weren’t trained on how to care for her and her unborn child.

Unfortunately, it’s not just Afghanistan or the 20th Century. Women all over the world face challenges obtaining healthcare, whether it’s lack of funds to pay for treatments and medicine, unsanitary conditions and at-home births, or lack of transportation and access to doctors and facilities.


Projects We Support

Just by reading this page means you have access to the internet, which is something to be grateful for. We are beyond fortunate. This is why World Vitae is committed to giving back, and we hope you are, too. Every time you purchase a World Vitae product or service, 5% goes directly to help women gain access to better medical care and to education and training for women to become skilled healthcare workers in their local communities.

All of the charities we consider are registered US 501(c)3 organizations and have transparency in their usage of funds — they spend more money directly improving the health of women and strive to keep administration costs low.


World Vitae Is Committed To

  • One Heart Worldwide helps pregnant women in remote areas of Nepal connect with skilled birth attendants and ensures these women receive essential natal medical supplies.
  • Hope Through Health connects community health workers with at-risk women in Togo, West Africa and ensures these women get the care and treatment they need.

Besides the 5% of your dollars spent with us, you can also contribute directly to these wonderful organizations by visiting their websites.