Are you committed to some big health goals? Either for you personally or for your coworkers, community, or customers?

I’m here for you!

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For Individuals


Do you want to eat healthier, lose weight (or maintain weight loss), have more energy, feel less stressed, or sleep better? Have you struggled trying to accomplish these things on your own?

Together, we evaluate your lifestyle and habits, nutrition, current fitness level, health challenges and goals, and psycho-emotional factors to find the right habits, foods, vitamins, and herbs to support you on your wellness journey.

You’ll discover how to achieve your goals and maintain the results in a way that fits your unique lifestyle, schedule, and budget.

You’re the director of your own healing path. I’m merely here to guide you and make a few recommendations along the way.



1. Download and complete the assessment form and food chart. Note: Replace “ClientName” with your name.

2. Email your completed forms to me.

3. I will contact you within 48 business hours to schedule our initial 20-minute consultation.

During this time, we see if we are a good match, decide which program option is best for you, and schedule our first session.

Sessions can be conducted over the phone, via skype, or in person (if possible).

4. On-going. Throughout your program, we check in with each other on your progress and celebrate your successes. I offer support, follow up notes, feedback and inspiration, recipes, grocery lists, reading suggestions, and invitations to special events and webinars.

5. Success achieved! By the end of your program, you’ll feel confident and have awakened your innate vitality.

To get started, download the assessment form and food chart now.



Ready to Rock ‘n Roll!
A 4-week deep dive to total transformation. This program includes four 40-minute private sessions with me plus daily email support and follow up. (Approx. $500-650)

Slow + Steady
A 3-month program that includes one 50-minute private session with me per month plus weekly email support and follow up. (Approx. $400-500)

One Thing at a Time
A 6-month program designed specifically for creating and maintaining new habits and lifestyle changes. Includes one 60-minute private session with me every 6 weeks plus weekly email support and follow up. ($650-800)

For Groups + Companies


Are you hosting a wellness event and searching for expert panelists? Do you want to introduce your colleagues, coworkers, and friends to the latest research in health and wellness and help them on their journey to ultimate wellbeing?

As a renowned speaker, my goal is to provide an engaging and dynamic presentation that is both educational and inspirational.

I work directly with you to design a program topic and length that is certain to resonate with your audience.

When your audience walks away, they can immediately and easily implement the action steps and key takeaways to help them be their best self.

My speaking topics include:

  • Alternative and natural approaches to health
  • Holistic nutrition
  • Tea and herbs
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle
  • Staying healthy for the busy traveler
  • What is self-care and why is it important
  • Juice fasting and cleansing

Some of the complimentary feedback I’ve received:

“Amazing speaker! One of the most helpful classes at the event!”

“Great timing & control – wish other presenters were more aware of this”

For the past 2 years, I’ve been a featured speaker at the World Tea Expo. My 60-minute presentations range in topic from overall wellness to teas and herbs to tea entrepreneurship. Reviews from attendees suggest my presentations are some of the most organized and educational.



Do you get asked for low-caffeine tea blends? For teas that pack more health benefits?

Do you wish you had your own proprietary tea and herb blends? Do you wish you could attract more health-conscious customers by offering wellness teas and herbal tisanes?

First, I work with you to understand your target market, your vision and goals, and your resources. Then, we craft wellness teas and/or herbal tisanes that appeal to your target clientele.

I can also recommend suppliers and work with you to develop your own proprietary blend to offer in your shop or café. You retain all rights to the proprietary formula we develop. ($250 per proprietary blend)



Do you serve tea in your coffee shop, restaurant, or cafe? Do you carry tea in your store? Do you think all tea is created equal and can — and should — all be served the same?

Maybe you wish your staff could better talk about tea and upsell the quality teas you offer?

Or you wish you could better articulate the differences in teas, their flavors, tasting notes, health benefits, origins, and more?

If you are nodding your head yes, I am here to help.

I teach you and your team about tea — where it comes from, how it’s made, why there are different colors, how much caffeine it really has, and a brief overview of the health benefits of drinking tea.

Then we get into the fun, hands-on stuff.

  • You will learn proper tea steeping technique — things like water time, temperature, and amount of tea.
  • Taste the teas! Try a variety of teas and discuss the various colors and flavors and even develop your own blends.

After this 2-hour special event, you will…

  • Confidently prepare a proper cup and be able to teach others how to do the same.
  • Talk elegantly about tea to better upsell the teas in your café or shop. Your customers will be so inspired that they will not simply want but must have your tea.
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing education, top-tiered service, and a high-end product.

$97 for up to 6 employees.

We can use either the teas in your café or shop or provide a selection (additional $3 per person charge for providing teas).

Currently only offered in the local San Francisco, CA area.