Herbal Consultation

TCM for fertility_familyAre you looking to lose weight? Have more energy? Balance your hormones? Sleep better?

Do you want to improve your health naturally, using the earth’s bounty of health-supporting plants and herbs?

Herbs can help you on your path to wholeness.

Together we evaluate your lifestyle, nutrition, health challenges and goals, and pyscho-emotional factors, in combination with tongue and pulse diagnosis, to find herbs, foods, vitamins, and minerals, that can support you in your journey to wellness. You’re the director of your own healing path, I’m merely here to serve as guide and make a few recommendations along the way.

Consultations can be provided in-person, or via video chat. Initial consultation will be about 60 minutes, with twice-monthly 20 minute follow ups for 2 months. Your total herbal consultation, including all follow ups, is $295 (herbs are not included in the price).

Please contact me to setup a free evaluation.

Tea and Herb Blending

Do you get asked for low-caffeine blends? For teas with more health benefits?

Do you wish you had your own proprietary blends for enhancing health and wellness? Do you wish you could attract more health-conscious customers by offering wellness teas and herbal tisanes?

herbsIf so, we can help!

We work with you to first understand your target market, your vision and goals, and your resources. Then we help you craft wellness teas that appeal to your target clientele. (Wellness teas blend Camellia sinensis tea with herbs for specific, health-promoting purposes.) If you and your customers want naturally caffeine-free blends, we can help you with that, too.

We can recommend suppliers and get you started to offering your own proprietary blend for only $250 per blend. You retain all rights to the proprietary formula. Contact us to discuss arrangements.