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Belight Tea

Uniquely formulated to boost metabolism, nourish digestion, assist with weight control, toxin removal, and stabilize energy – naturally.  

Mid-Afternoon Crash?

Learn What You Can Do About It

Simple grab-n-go techniques and more complex solutions to be more alert and productive, so you can shine at work or home.  

Introducing matcha, powdered green tea–rich in caffeine, catechins, and chlorophyll to boost energy and metabolism.

BeEnergized Matcha

More energy, more antioxidants


Like so many fairytales, World Vitae began with a quest.

It was a journey to find the fountain of youth,
to learn natural ways of healing, 
and to live a fuller, more vibrant life.


Read on to see where the adventure took me and what I discovered >


Tea Can Help You Maintain Vitality, Manage Your Weight + Keep You Feeling Young

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Herbal Teas Can Make You Healthier

Today's guest posts elaborates on a number of herbs for infusions (teas) and the benefits they can yield. How do you like your tea? Do you like it iced, hot, green or black? Whichever way you want it served, herbal tea is not only a tasty and refreshing beverage but...

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