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If you’re into being #healthy, #fit, #feelinggreat, looking #beautiful, making #healthychoices, and you like to #eatclean and #getfit to see your #hardwork pay off so you can be a #fitspiration, then you’ve come to the right place!


We’re here to support you on that journey, besides the #fitspo, #recipes, and ideas to #eatclean you get on IG, Belight Tea can help you be more, do more, and achieve more. Here’s how:

Belight Tea Box

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[tabby title=’Why Belight’]

Belight will help you:

1) Manage your weight;

2) Control Sugar and Snack Cravings;

3) Have Good Energy; and

4) Reduce Bloating for a Happy Stomach.*


Belight does not contain artificial colorings, flavorings, or additives.

[tabby title=’Additional Information’]

A deep understanding of the principles of Chinese medicine indicate the tea and herbs in Belight*:

  • Nourish digestive “Qi” (“Qi” is energy or life force in Chinese medicine)
  • Aid digestion and settle the stomach
  • Minimize cravings for sweet and salty foods
  • Reduce stress response and cortisol production
  • Block storage of dietary fats, particularly when drunk after meals
  • Clear “dampness” (a pathogenic evil thought to lead to excess fat storage)
  • Moisten and clear wastes out of the lower digestive tract
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

[tabby title=’How to Enjoy’]

TASTE: Belight has a mild, earthy flavor with a hint of natural herbal sweetness. Drinking it has a clean, refreshing, belight feel.

STEEPING: Heat fresh, filtered water to 100°C (212°F). Then pour water over tea and steep for 2-3 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea and how many cups you want to make per bag. Shortest steeping time yields 2-3 flavorful cups per bag.

DRINKING: Belight can be enjoyed in the morning as a low-caffeine alternative to coffee that wakes up your digestive system. Drinking Belight between or before meals when you’re prone to snacking may help curb appetite. Belight also makes a good digestif (digestive drink) for 40 minutes after meals and in the evening.

[tabby title=’Ingredients’]INGREDIENTS: Pu-erh (a fermented dark tea), Hemp Seeds, Cassia Seeds, Gynostemma, Lotus Leaf, and Chinese Hawthorn fruit.


  • Contains a very small amount of caffeine.
  • 0 Calories. Does not need milk or sugar.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women.




Try This Amazing Tea Today!


“I have noticed that my tummy feels and looks flatter after I drink this regularly and my clothes are fitting better as well.”

~ Britanie, Long Island, NY

“What I really like about this tea is that it keeps me from eating so many snacks. I usually get hungry between lunch and dinner, and that’s the time I’m most likely to eat sweets. Since I started drinking this tea, I’ve noticed those cravings are much easier to control and I’m just not as hungry in the afternoon.”

~ Alison, Washington D.C.

“I love this tea! My stomach is so happy, and stays flat and thin when I drink it after meals. Thank you! I love Belight.”

~ Jacqui, Phoenix, AZ

“I really like the tea. It has helped with digestion and I don’t feel bloated after eating. I want to continue drinking 2 cups a day. I will be ordering more! It’s funny, I do feel ‘lighter.'”

~ Rene, Scottsdale, AZ

“Generally I’m an herbal tea gal. However, a friend suggested I try this for weight loss, and it is working. I have sugar cravings, but this tea seems to curb that.”

~ Amazon Reviewer, ‘CI in Arizona’

“Less than a week ago I was staying at an all-inclusive resort so my day’s schedule literally revolved around when we would eat. Needless to say, I consumed a couple extra thousand calories a day and my digestive system took a hard hit.

‘I had ordered this tea before going on vacation because I had read how great it was at supporting your digestive system and aiding in weight loss. I figured now would be a good time to put it to the test. Because of a stress fracture I couldn’t return to my usual intense workout regime, so exercising was not gonna be my aid in weight loss. I simply returned to my normal eating habits, and added two cups of this tea a day. I started with one cup in the afternoon; I reacted well to it, and added a second cup in the morning after breakfast to aid in that post-eating slump. It hasn’t even been a week since I returned from vacation and I have already lost 5 pounds. That’s 5 ADDITIONAL pounds than what I weighed BEFORE I went on vacation. I knew returning to my normal portion sizes and plant based diet would shed the EXCESS weight alone, but I didn’t realize that merely adding this tea would help me shed even MORE weight.

‘My digestive system is functional again; the heartburn that I had as a result of overeating has finally subsided. Needless to say, YES I recommend this tea.”

~ Amazon Reviewer, ‘C.Trowbridge’

This sophisticated digestive tea combines the rich earthy aroma of Pu-erh tea with other fruits, seeds, and herbs to produce a remarkably complex flavor. You’ll love how drinking Belight tea makes you feel.

Try This Amazing Tea Today!


“Since I am in the midst of losing weight, or at least shrinking my belly, I decided to try anything that would help me out. Belight Tea came in handy at just the right time. I followed the story that came along with the tea and drank a cup around 2:00pm everyday. It does what it says- gives a boost of energy, takes away the afternoon cravings for junk food and is helping with my shrinking tummy. I can’t be more pleased! Oh and it’s delicious too- Can’t leave that out right?!”

~ Amazon Reviewer, ‘DragonsBlood’

“This tea has been amazing for me. I have been on a very low calorie diet and this tea was the only thing that got me through. With the help of Belight tea, I have lost almost 20 lbs. Thank you for something that really works. I have to remember to eat when I drink it!! I have re-ordered to be sure I have it when I need it.”*

~ Amazon Reviewer, ‘oms’


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