Finally Digestive Comfort and Ease

bloated_bellyBloating… Gas… Indigestion… Constipation… Acid Reflux… Heartburn… Upset Stomach… And more…

Any of these strike in the pit of your stomach? Perhaps only occasionally, or maybe daily, on a constant basis, you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable in your digestive system.

Sometime you think you just ate something bad, sometimes its the stress that gets to you, or maybe your friend tells you its food allergies.  And you could start picking apart all your symptoms and endlessly searching the web for theories and possibilities.

Well, you’re already on the right track with Belight Tea because the tea and herbs help with digestion, breakdown, and transport of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

But perhaps you’re still in need of something else, more powerful, more comprehensive for the occasional instances or as a daily digestive support. Consider this: an all-in-one formula for digestive system balance, plus liver support. Check out Orenda Eaze and Orenda Immune.

EAZE contains 3 key components: healthy gut bacteria, known as probiotics, which helps to digest and process food, wastes, and liquids in the Large Intestine for more normal bowel movements; digestive enzymes, which start the breakdown of the food in the stomach and Small Intestine; and prebiotics, which act as the food or support line for the probiotics.

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Or read about the key ingredients and what makes Eaze so unique. ($42 or less per bottle.)

Its even safe and great for kids, especially those who have difficulty with bloating, milk, or other tummy troubles.


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Good digestion, effective nutrient absorption, and a happy belly is not limited to the digestive track alone.  The digestive system needs help from the immune system and the liver. About 70% of the immune system is concentrated in the gut. The liver, meanwhile plays a number of key roles in digestion, such as clearing out toxins, and helping to regulate gallbladder function including bile flow.

Without a healthy, well-functioning immune system and liver, even the freshest of foods aren’t going to improve your overall wellness and vitality.  Adding Orenda Immune may just fill in the missing piece to your digestive puzzle.

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