Reduce Cravings

Manage Your Sugar & Snack Cravings

There’s hunger and then there’s the munchies.  And its those tempting, casual munchies, usually for something sweet or salty, that are always causing trouble.

So what can you do?

Tea: Well, drinking Belight Tea is a great way to distract yourself, replenish needed fluids, and satisfy your taste buds for awhile.

But what if the cravings are so intense, like your body has turned into a sugar-craving demon?  (I know what that’s like.)

Detox: Sometimes that just means you’ve eaten too many sweet foods and you need a total detox from anything sweet till you get past it.

Nutritional Deficiencies: Other times, it is an indication your body is missing key nutrients and amino acids. These make all the processes work properly that direct your major bodily systems and hormones, so when you’re deficient in amino acids or other nutrients, you may find yourself craving sugar, hungrier than normal, not sleeping well, suffering low energy, losing muscle tone, or wondering where your libido went.

Diet: A healthy, low-sugar diet, plus stress management are good places to start.  But even those may not be enough to set you right again.

Supplement: In some cases, even more nutritional support may be needed.  If you were nodding your head, thinking yeah, that’s me, aha me too, as I listed expressions of nutritional deficiencies above, then here’s something you should be considering.  Supplementing with the right combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids could, in as little as a few weeks, have you

  • Forgetting about sugar, snacks, salty foods, alcohol, desserts, and other treats
  • Sleeping more deeply than you have since you were a child
  • Waking up before your alarm
  • Having solid energy throughout the day
  • Experiencing a more upbeat mood
  • Thinking clearly without brain fog or fuzziness

Sound too good to be true?

Yeah, that’s what I thought, as did many of my clients and associates.  Yet, we all report similar positive changes and many even note changes in their body composition and a reawakening of their libido.

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Or watch a couple of cat videos…er…no…not cat videos. Informational videos that could be the spark that changes how you feel.