People are talking about our award-winning flagship product, BeLight Tea!

3rd Place in Pu-erh single-serve category at the
2013 North American Tea Championships

“Buyer’s Choice” Award for blended teas at the
2014 Winners’ Circle at the World Tea Expo

BeLight Tea

“Belight is the most delicious tea I have ever tasted. Honestly. It really is fantastic.”
Ellen G.
Phoenix, AZ

“I have noticed that my tummy feels and looks flatter after I drink this regularly. And my clothes are fitting better as well.”
Long Island, NY

“I absolutely love your appetite suppressing tea!”

“I really like the tea. It has helped with digestion, and I don’t feel bloated after eating. I want to continue drinking 2 cups a day. I will be ordering more! It’s funny, I do feel ‘lighter.’”
Rene T.
Scottsdale, AZ

“LOVE the tea. On my third cup today.”
Dr. Marsha Nunley MD
San Francisco, CA

“I can always see a difference when I don’t drink BeLight for a few days…especially around my middle. It helps me keep on track.”
Marlys Folly

“My husband and I really enjoy the flavor of your tea, and we have also noticed we are not as hungry for dinner and have been able to cut down on the amount we eat.”
Phoenix, AZ

“I love this tea! My stomach is so happy and stays flat and thin when I drink it after meals. Thank you! I love BeLight.”
Phoenix, AZ


“This tea right here is extra special because not only is it made from a blend that is known for it’s weight loss properties, but it helps manage your cravings, gives you energy, AND restores your digestive system which is something we need after a vacation binge…It hasn’t even been a week since I’ve returned from vacation and I’ve already lost 5 pounds.”

Connie Trowbridge

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“I heated my water and let the bag steep about 2 minutes. It was perfect. The flavor is smooth and mild, not at all bitter. You can get 2-3 cups out of each pyramid bag which I like and the flavor doesn’t change. This was delicious and hubby liked it too.”

Lori's Culinary Creations

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“Subtle, very gentle flavor. Middle of the day tea…does it’s job…soothing, not too dry, sleek finish–a bit like soft sable pelt. If you are in the market for really good medical benefits that feels pleasant when you’re drinking it, I’d go with Belight Tea.”

Natasha Nesic

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