BeRenewed Tea Cleanse


“I’ve done some cleanses but recently with them I’ve been feeling like my blood sugar is all over the place and I haven’t really gotten the results I wanted. I’ve been thinking about trying intermittent fasting (IF), but wasn’t sure I could handle it. Then, I found this and thought, ‘hey, less sugar than a juice cleanse, benefits of IF and nutrient-dense drinks, plus I still get to eat something. Yeah, I’m totally in!'”


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What is BeRenewed?

This one day tea cleanse assists your body in it’s natural processes of detox, repair, and healing, after which you return to your normal eating patterns. It combines the best of both juice cleansing and intermittent fasting (IF), while adding it’s own unique elements.

You’ll have 3 morning drinks, followed by a small soup or salad, and 3 afternoon/evening drinks, and a light dinner.

With BeRenewed you get nutrients, minerals, and detox-supporting elements from the teas and herbs in this program, but they’re mostly calorie free sugar-free. Since they’re largely calorie-free, you’re reaping the benefits of IF, and can still consume a small amount of food which further supports the detox and rejuvenation processes.

What does it do?

Glowing skin… Flat belly… Energy… Mental clarity… Lightness of being… Confidence… Pride… All of this and more…

Research suggests intermittent fasting can restore metabolic health, improve cellular repair, and increase fat-shredding. When your body isn’t busy trying to digest and process so much food, resources are freed up to reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, repair healthy cells and destroy malignant cells; the liver can do its back-logged filtering and detoxing work, and the digestive system can finally move everything through the system.

The catechins, nutrients, and minerals in the infusions will support your liver with detoxification. Your digestive system will be reset and ready to work for you again as the herbs help clear our stagnant wastes. Fasting supports healthy metabolic function and blood sugar regulation. And finally, you’ll sleep well as your body completes its healing and resetting cycle.

Experienced fatigue, brain fog, and lethargy on cleansing/fasting days before? Don’t worry! Our teas have been specially chosen to help you maintain energy and focus, and to minimize hunger on this low-calorie day.

What's included?

You enjoy the glow, we’ve done the work.

  • A step-by-step guide will lead you through your tea cleanse day, prep, and post-cleanse transition.
  • Recipes proportioned to exactly the right amount of calories are provided for you–no guessing what a portion size is!

You’ll receive the following as single-serve, ready-to-make nutrient-rich teas:

  • BeEnergized Matcha green tea powder
  • BeBalanced Tea with adatogens for adrenal health
  • BeLight Tea to encourage a clean and light system
  • Detox blend to assist the liver in it’s important work
  • Clean powder to ensure the body is clear of the accumulated wastes

In addition to what’s provided, you’ll also need a lemon, ingredients to make the recipes, a way to heat water for your teas, and a tea cup. Plus, you’ll want to drink plenty of water the day before, the day of, and the day after.

How is it different?

Though a juice cleanse can be an efficient way to consume a lot of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, it can also send your blood sugar (and energy) on a roller-coaster with 25 grams of sugar per juice–that’s upwards of 150 to 200 grams of carbohydrates per day and between 850 to over 1000 calories on your ‘cleanse’ day.

Intermittent fasting (IF) means significantly reducing food consumption for a certain number of hours, before returning to normal eating patterns. During the fasting period, the body goes through it’s own repairing, healing, and resetting processes, which are thought to prevent the development of disease and slow the aging process. For longer fasting durations (36 hours), some calories may be consumed: 500 for women or 600 for men.

Typical teatox programs require a 7- to 14-day period of intense restriction and consumption of harsh laxatives, typically leaving you feeling drained and exhuasted, and oftentimes horrified at their taste.

BeRenewed is all of these and yet none of these. It avoids both the blood sugar swings of juice cleanses and the habit-forming laxatives of teatoxes. With our teas and tisanes, you get important nutrients and minerals. With the small meals (recipes included) you get just enough calories to keep you satisfied without stopping the beneficial processes that help you feel renewed. Plus, you return to your normal eating schedule the next day feeling refreshed, restored, rejuvenated, lighter and more confident!