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Receive 15 sticks of BeEnergized Matcha on your doorstep every month at 15% off regular price!

With your monthly subscription, there’s no need to pay for shipping or remember to place an order to get our matcha in your mailbox every month. All of it is already taken care of.

You don’t have to worry about running out or getting to a minimum order. BeEnergized Matcha will arrive every month, on schedule, and you’ll be billed accordingly. (Cancel anytime.)

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Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 x 2 x .02 in

What is BeEnergized?

BeEnergized consists of pure ceremonial-grade matcha*, a high-quality powdered form of green tea. This matcha is shade-grown in Japan, which increases it’s antioxidant value, catechin content (including EGCG), and caffeine level. That means, it has all the properties of green tea, but greater.

With matcha, since it’s powdered, you consume the entire leaf (instead of just what gets infused in water), thus you’re ingesting even more of the benefits of green tea.

BeEnergized is supplied by DoMatcha in single-serve sticks making it easy to add one serving to a smoothie or shake it into a water bottle while on the go. It can be consumed as tea (in hot or cold water), made into a latte, or added to sweet or savory recipes.

*Contains caffeine. Sugar-free. No additives.

Each stick contains 1.5 grams of matcha.

How does monthly delivery work?

When you sign up for monthly delivery BeEnergized Matcha, your subscription will start immediately. You’ll be billed for the first month and you’ll receive your first delivery of 15 sticks in about a week. There’s no sign-up fee.

Every month after that, you’ll be charged on the same day and continue to receive 15 sticks delivered to your doorstep.

Want more than 15 sticks of BeEnergized Matcha green tea every month? Sign up for multiple subscriptions. (To get 30 sticks a month–one per day–add 2 subscriptions to your cart.)

Shipping is included for US delivery only. Arizona residents will pay applicable sales tax.

Payment is by credit card only. Subscriptions cannot be purchased with Paypal.

To cancel: email customer service or login to your account to cancel or change your billing cycle.

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