Your Mid-Afternoon Energy Crash and What You Can Do About It


The afternoon energy crash, often called the mid-afternoon slump, afflicts so many, but there has been only scant understanding and explanation of this problem (or remedies for it), until now. Combining many years of research and experience, Toffler Niemuth shares her wisdom in this straight-to-the-point guide to unraveling the causes of your afternoon slump. She also addresses the lifestyle factors at play, empowering you to prevent lulls in energy and focus. Solutions are offered–ranging from the simple grab-n-go to more complex efforts to address habits. After reading this book and following its wisdom, you’ll feel knowledgeable and empowered, be more alert and productive, and shine at work or home with your new found energy.

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What is included?

With the purchase of this book, you’ll receive a PDF copy available to download to any device that supports the Adobe Acrobat format.

This book is approximately 34 pages long and includes easy-to-follow explanations of the causes and practical, straight-to-the-point solutions.

You’ll also get a checklist, so you can quickly and easily identify what can help you better avoid the afternoon slump.

“Awesome book! I too, have been a victim of the dreaded post-lunch stupor, and this book gives a lot of great suggestions on how to avoid traps that I think so many of us have fallen into.” ~ Amazon reviewer

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