Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and Tempting Treats

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and Tempting Treats with Belight Tea

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Are you trying to get healthy and fit?
Do you want to avoid holiday weight gain? And skip tempting treats and resist sugar cravings?

Let Belight Tea Help

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The holiday season is just around the corner and you’ll be surrounded by sweets, treats, and temptations. But your health and weight are important, so opt for a better choice: a steaming cup of Belight tea.

No guilt. No remorse. No regret.

And more importantly, no weight gain.

Smile — you’ve just done something good for yourself.

Belight Tea is a specially formulated blend of Pu-erh tea and herbs that supports weight control as it helps you manage cravings and stick to your health goals.

Avoid Tempting Holiday Treats

The cookies you made for that holiday party are sitting nearby. Just one won’t hurt–no one will know. You’ll know. So you opt for the comfort of a hot cup of Belight tea. Cookies aren’t so appealing anymore…

Less Snacking

“What I really like about this tea is that it keeps me from eating so many snacks. I usually get hungry between lunch and dinner, and that’s the time I’m most likely to eat sweets. Since I started drinking this tea, I’ve noticed those cravings are much easier to control and I’m just not as hungry in the afternoon.”

~ Alison, Washington D.C.

Fewer Cravings

“This tea has been amazing for me. I have been on a very low calorie diet and this tea was the only thing that got me through. With the help of Belight tea, I have lost almost 20 lbs. Thank you for something that really works. I have to remember to eat when I drink it!!”

~Amazon reviewer ‘oms’ on July 26, 2013

No More Overeating

This afternoon you had a big mug of Belight tea with its special blend of tea and herbs. Now, even though its dinnertime, you’re not super hungry, so you’re fine with just one serving and don’t need dessert. Ahhh, the comfort of stopping before you’re over full.

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

All of these small instances add up to keep your weight down. And when combined with the unique weight control formula in Belight (more on that below), you won’t become another holiday weight gain statistic. WIN! For you, your body, your health, and your weight.

How Does Belight Work?

Belight combines pu-erh tea with 5 Chinese medicine herbs. Pu-erh tea is known to help digestion, speed fats through the system, and has been called the “weight loss secret” that helps Chinese girls stay so slim. Plus, pu-erh is combined with Hemp Seeds, Cassia Seeds, Gynostemma, Sacred Lotus Leaf and Chinese Hawthorn Fruit.

Hemp Seeds

  • Contain gamma linolenic acid–a direct building block of good anti-inflammatory hormones.
  • Noted to reduce appetite and sugar or starch cravings.

Cassia Seeds

  • Helps provide nourishment to the intestines.
  • Used to remove heat from the liver.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (an adaptogen)

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  • Helps convert carbs into usable energy instead of storing them as fat
  • Used to support metabolism and help facilitate weight loss.

Sacred Lotus

  • Recent medical studies have confirmed how this natural plant has outstanding weight loss attributes.
  • Because of its bitter qualities, it causes the stomach to secrete more stomach acid, which can aid in food digestion.
  • Research suggests it causes the liver to secrete increased amounts of bile, which breaks down fats more quickly.

Chinese Hawthorn Fruit

  • Enables better digestion of protein and settles indigestion.
  • Helpful for proper metabolism and break down of existing fat stores.

Limited Time Offer: Get 3 Boxes of Belight Tea for only $26.97!
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