Tea Training and Tastings

Do you serve tea in your coffee shop, restaurant, or cafe? Do you carry tea in your store? Do you think all tea is created equal and can and should be served the same?

Do you wish your staff could better talk about tea and upsell the quality teas you offer?

Do you wish you could better articulate the differences in teas–their flavors, tasting notes, health benefits, origins and more?

tasting3If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we can help.

We teach you (and your team) about tea–where it comes from, how its made, why there are different colors, how much caffeine it really has, and a brief overview of the health benefits of drinking tea.

Then we get into the hands-on stuff:

  • Proper tea steeping technique: water time, temperature, and amount of tea. Including How-to if you only have a water boiler.
  • Tea taste testing: try a variety of teas, and discuss the color, the flavors, tongue and mouth feel, and more. You can look at our tasting notes, or develop your own.

After this you’ll be able to prepare a proper cup, and teach others how to do so.  You talk elegantly about tea to better upsell the teas in your cafe or shop so that people feel like they MUST have tea, thus you sell more tea AND increase customer loyalty for providing an education, good service, and a better product.


Tea and 2 hour training all provided for $97 (for up to 6 employees). Currently only offered in the greater Phoenix, AZ area.


Tea and Herb Blending

Do you get asked for low-caffeine blends? For teas with more health benefits?

Do you wish you had your own proprietary blends for enhancing health and wellness? Do you wish you could attract more health-conscious customers by offering wellness teas and herbal tisanes?

herbsIf so, we can help!

We work with you to first understand your target market, your vision and goals, and your resources. Then we help you craft wellness teas that appeal to your target clientele. (Wellness teas blend Camellia sinensis tea with herbs for specific, health-promoting purposes.) If you and your customers want naturally caffeine-free blends, we can help you with that, too.

We can recommend suppliers and get you started to offering your own proprietary blend for only $250 per blend. You retain all rights to the proprietary formula.


Not sure I’m the right person? Check out my bio:

Square w BoxToffler fell in love with tea during her six years living in Asia, five of which were in Mainland China, sipping her way through all varieties of Camellia sinensis and the Chinese summertime favorite infusion, Chrysanthemum. It was there also that she found a fascination with Eastern healing, medicinal herbs, and functional food and beverages.

Prior to her involvement in the tea world, Toffler graduated Magna Cum Laude from the USC Marshall School of Business. She has also certificates in Chinese Medicine from Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, in Ayurveda from Greens’ Ayur Institute in Kerala, India, and in Western Herbalism from Southwest Herb in Arizona. She now incorporates her knowledge of traditional Eastern medicine and herbs into her wellness tea blends, namely award-winning Belight Tea.

Toffler has been an educational speaker at the World Tea Expo; she is an author, entrepreneur, and educator sharing all things health, wellness, and tea.