Stress Less

Less Stress means Greater Peace

Breath returns, deeper. Mind calms. Shoulders sink away from ears. Jaw loosens.  And finally acceptance, calm, and peace return.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that on a moment’s notice anywhere anytime?

Of course, a cup of tea or some relaxing guided meditations are very soothing.  But not always the most convenient.  For example, when you’re stuck in traffic or about to give a speech, you can’t easily settle into a cup of tea.

You need option that fits into your hectic, fast-paced, mobile-connected world. You need something even quicker to immediately help you find balance in the midst of the rush, stress, and anxiety.

What’s quicker than a spray you put under your tongue?

That why we have, Balance spray, for when you need in-the-moment balance. It provides you what you need: greater calm, increased focus, more energy, or all three.

Balance spray has an adaptogenic herb, Russian Moomiyo, that helps your body subtly adjust to the situation. Plus, it has herbal extracts that support stable blood sugar, including Banaba Leaf and Gymnema Sylvestre. Passion flower–another ingredient–is thought to naturally ease anxiety. All of these are present in this super-fast delivery system, which means you’ll be finding peace and calm within a few moments.

Balance provides the much needed balance for your daily activities. Stress less and enjoy greater peace and calm.

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Other good products to pair with Balance for nutritional and hormonal support are Otropin and Immune. If you’re a particularly stressed out person, or high anxiety type, you likely have some physiological repercussions from that and Immune and Otropin are going to be your best friend to bring the body back into systemic alignment.