Stress Relief Pack

Stress!  We all feel it.  We live in a chronically stressed out world.  Whether its social anxiety, work or home-life pressures, rush hour traffic, chronic cardio, or too much to do-too little time to do it, we’re all stressed.

Little do we realize the impact it has on our health.  But it does.

The key is what we do about it.

Find Relaxtion

That’s where sitting down to enjoy a soothing cup of tea comes in. Sipping a cup of Belight inspires relaxation, with a calming of the mind, movement, and activity.

Relaxing over teaWhile enjoying a cup of tea is relaxing in itself, adding carefully selected herbs takes that step further.  Specifically, Belight contains gynostemma, an adaptogen, known to reduce stress response and induce a calmer state of being.

Sometimes just finding the time and space to enjoy a cup of tea isn’t an option in our hectic, fast-paced, mobile-connected world. We need something even quicker to immediately help us find balance in the midst of the rush, stress, and anxiety.  What’s quicker than a spray you put under your tongue?

Balance spray has another adaptogen herb, namely Russian Moomiyo. Plus it has herbal extracts that support stable blood sugar, including Banaba Leaf and Gymnema Sylvestre. Passion flower–another ingredient–is thought to naturally ease anxiety.  All this in a super-fast delivery system means you’ll be finding peace and calm within a few moments.

Try our Stress Relief Pack today!